Music & Video Welcome!

Welcome to the Chester County Book & Music Company Music Pages!  We are finally making our belated foray into the world of communicating with our dear and beloved customers (you), and will continually let you know what is going on here at the store, what we are currently loving (listening to/viewing), and what we are anticipating in the future (new releases).  Please bear with us while we stretch and grow in the coming months in order to figure out just how this format will work best for all parties involved. 

At present, we do not have a search engine, nor do we have a way for you to order or reserve items that we can supply you with.  However, we are more than willing to take your phone calls (610-696-1661) and/or emails

( [email protected] ) if you have anything you would like to know more about.  We will get back to you in the most timely and orderly fashion possible.  

One thing we are very excited about is the ability to communicate with you about what music and movies that float our boats (we mean this metaphorically).  A major reason we continue to do this work, even through some less-than-glorious economic times, is that we would like to operate as helpful, guiding hands when it comes to putting what you will love into your home library (we mean this for real). 

When it comes to new music, many of you have probably caught yourselves recently saying "there's no good music out there anymore", but there is actually more good music out there than ever before!  The problem you may be experiencing is how to narrow the immense search down to a set of manageable items to choose from. We have noticed that most websites have done a fairly poor job informing music lovers what music is really worth their time, with a lot of fly-by-night stuff getting praise when you wouldn't wish it upon your worst enemy.  Gone are the days when the big record companies could basically guide the system by providing a limited group of musicians to choose from.  Today the choices seem endless, while some of the more appealing titles get buried further and further.  We hope to clear up some of the smoke and mirrors where this is concerned.

The other music case we'd like to make is the case for physical product.  Let's face can't hold a download.  It is not tactile.  It is not warm and cuddly.  It has taken all the passion and fun out of the hunt for the sake of convenience and a cheap thrill.  If you download (legally or otherwise), you have nothing but a cheap file to show for it.  Sure, you can back the files up, but they are still just files.  They may work for those with relatively little passion for the music they listen to (i.e. background music), but they are generally meaningless.  We continue to believe in the CD (for superior sound) and vinyl (for superior experience).  They provide meaning in our listening experiences.  They also provide an infrastructure for those who are lovers and purveyors of music.  We cannot imagine having grown up without the ability to help others find the music that would end up providing some emotional responses in their lives. 

The same holds true for movies.  DVD was a wonderful invention (and improvement over VHS) that continues to provide great video content, while Blu-Ray has been a wonderful upgrade (we carry both).  If there are any titles you are interested in, we have a substantial amount of titles on the premises, and can readily special order anything in print, with most items arriving within a week (this includes music too).  Feel free to stop by or give us a call.

The long and short of this:  we love what we love, and we love what we do.  We are here to help and provide a convenient service for people who value the things in their lives that represent who they are and what they love.  A wise man once said that a life without passion is a life without meaning.  A life without the music and movies we love is also an empty life, especially when there's nothing to show for it.

So come on back and check our recommended new releases page, as well as our music blog where we can ramble about what we love and what ticks us off in the world of music and video (hopefully this will be of some light entertainment value).  We will update these things as we are able.  We also hope to launch a mail list at some point in the future so you can stay in the loop without always having to remember to access this site.  

Thank you for making Chester County Book & Music Company a part of your shopping experience, and a part of your life.  We value your support as much as you appreciate our help and assistance.